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Discrimination cases can be complex and are always time sensitive, so it is essential to speak to an experienced employment discrimination lawyer immediately. Call: 314-561-3241 or submit your case information here.

Employment Discrimination

Employee experiencing discrimination

Employees have a right to be free from employment discrimination in their workplace. Federal and State laws protect employees from discrimination based upon gender/sex, race, religion, national origin, skin color, age, and disability.

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Discrimination & Harassment

ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution)

Group of mediation participants

Arbitration or Mediation is an alternative means of setttling a dispute by impartial persons without proceeding to a court trial. It is sometimes preferred as a means of settling a matter in ordert to avoid the expense, delay, and acrimony of litigation.

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Arbitration & Mediation

Melvin D. Kennedy represents both employers and employees in cases involving discrimination and unlawful employment practices.

If you, or someone you know, are having problems at your job and you suspect that the reason may be unlawful discrimination as retaliation, contact Kennedy Law for a confidential consultation.

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Recent Case Results

  • Disability discrimination (refused to hire) $185,000
  • Gender discrimination (unequal pay) $100,000
  • Sex discrimination/ retaliation (hostile working environment) $245,000
  • Race discrimination (racially hostile working environment) $100,000
  • Age discrimination (forced re-assignment) $118,000